We only use commercial grade eco-friendly epoxy products that are safe and remit minimal odor for all applications.  

Citadel/Rust-Oleum Base And Topcoat System

Home Garage Floor Inc has partnered with Citadel/Rust-Oleum coatings to deliver stronger, longer lasting products that have been time tested though-out the country for years by thousands of satisfied customers. Our amazing lines of Citadel/Rust-oleum products gives Home Garage Floor greater flexibility with more material working time to apply any floor  to perfection. This partnership between the two largest floor coating manufacturers allows Home Garage Floor to provide you with the leading edge in floor coating systems. Our product lines are specifically designed to meet the needs looking for a coating that dries fast for quick return to service, residentially and commercially, but that also has a longer working time and recoat window for increased application ease and flexibility. Home Garage Floor can enhance the look of your floor system with our Torginal polymer color flakes. Polymer flakes also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip/flake flooring systems. This unique product is ordered in 1/4″ and is random in shape, customized colors though out Home Garage Floors color palate.

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These are continuing to gain popularity amongst architects, designers, contractors, and consumers, because of their unique properties that deliver complete customization to commercial, residential, and industrial floors with an endless range color-styles, texture, size and blending options.

SLE-100, RG-80x, and Polyurea-350 coatings allow Home Garage Floors applicators to evenly apply the product without concern that the coating will set too quickly on the concrete. This vast product line also offers improved self-leveling characteristics to further minimize the potential for roller marks, enabling our applicators to create a uniform, smooth finish. It offers good mechanical strength, and low-temperature cure, along with excellent UV stability and chemical resistance.


The SLE-100 is a two component, 100% solids, cycloaliphatic hybrid coating system that has exceptional adhesion properties to concrete substrates. Due to its unique chemistry, this coating exhibits great flexibility, working times and self-leveling properties while offering great chemical resistance as well. Low odor makes it a great choice for interior applications. Sold in Gray or Tan.

Typical Uses: Serves as a primer/basecoat for a multitude of floor finishing systems. SLE-100 is also self-leveling and serves as a build coat for heavily damaged floors.


The RG-80x is a two-component, 85% solids, VOC Compliant, Aliphatic Polyaspartic Polyurea developed for UV stable floor topcoats, marine applications, chemical resistance, and corrosion control. This coating provides reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures and climate conditions. Its 100% UV stability makes it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Typical Uses: This UV-stable topcoat is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Polyurea 350 is a two-component, 98% solids Polyurea primer/basecoat. Due to its proprietary blend of resins, Polyurea-350™ allows installers to "wet-out" large areas, including vertical surfaces, before broadcasting decorative aggregates such as quartz, vinyl chips, or flint. This longer "open time" results in perfect broadcasts every time, eliminating problems with light coverage, inconsistencies, or blemishes. Citadel's Adjustable Cure Rate Technology allows the installer to customize the workability and cure times of this material for use in any climate. ...

Typical Uses: Decorative aggregate broadcast systems
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